True Bugs

True Bugs are a large collection of insects from the orders hemiptera and heteroptera. They possess mouthparts where the mandibles and maxillae have evolved into a proboscis, sheathed within a modified labium to form a "beak" or "rostrum" which is capable of piercing tissues (usually plant tissues) and sucking out the liquids — typically sap although many are predatory on other insects. This is a very large and diverse group of insects that includes cicadas, assassin bugs, leafhoppers, stink bugs, shield bugs, aphids, scale isnects, and many others. Perhaps the most loudly heard the insect, the cicada, is the staple background noise in much of Florida. These large bugs are seldom seen however as they hide in foliage, can project their voices, and follow strange life cycles.

Platycotis vittata - Oak Tree Hopper Broad Headed Bug Apiomerus floridensis, Florida Bee Assassin Bug with Prey Swamp Cicada Tibicen pruinosus Swamp Cicada Tibicen pruinosus Shield Back Bug Orsilochides sp. Ambush Bug Ambush Bug Unknown Stinkbug