Every minute of an insects life is a struggle for survival. Some are predators, while some are prey, but none are exempt from the brutal reality which awaits those not fit enough.

Robber Fly with Prey Slide 1
Mantis with Orchard Spider Slide 2
Robberfly with Moth Slide 3
Damselfly with Moth Slide 4
Assassin Bug with Fly Slide 5
Assassin Bug with Lady Beetle Slide 6
Hanging Robberfly with Honey Bee Slide 7
Ammophilia with Prey Slide 8
Wasp with Prey Slide 9
Robberfly Eating a Dragonfly Slide 10
Wasp with Prey Slide 11
Green Lynx Spider with Prey Slide 12
Florida Bee Assassin with Prey Slide 13
Green Lynx Spider with Bee Slide 14